At Hunter Land Management, we offer GIS Property Mapping Services using modern technology and equipment. If you haven’t heard of GIS mapping before, GIS stands for Geographic Information System. A GIS system is designed to capture, store, analyse and manage various forms of geographical and spatial data.

GIS mapping is an amazing software tool that can be used for many purposes. From problem solving to decision making, GIS mapping is an advantageous service for anyone responsible for land management. The GIS software can:

  • Map where things are (spatial location)
  • Map quantities (to locate the most and the least of a certain criteria)
  • Map densities (concentration of quantities)
  • Seeing inside (determining what is inside a specified region)
  • Finding nearby objects (observe nearby features within a set distance)
  • Tracking changes (which assists in forecasting future conditions)

GIS Property Mapping is an extremely powerful visual tool that we employ at HLM to allow for easy planning and reporting on our projects. It requires both desktop and mobile GPS technology to produce accurate management plans based on the more obvious raster layers like aerial photography and topographic maps.

Using GIS, we can literally have an evolving database of our client’s data. A database that is constantly accumulating details on infrastructure, weed infestations, planned target areas, areas where work has already been completed and lots of additional information that is pertinent to the project. This information is useful for future reference and continuous monitoring. We can also track our field team and our equipment through GPS technology, providing a daily record of all access to the site. This data is compiled directly into a maintenance log.

At HLM, our high quality GIS mapping services are provided using the below software programs:

  • ArcMap 9.2
  • ArcPad 7.0
  • NAVMAN wireless Online AVL 2
  • Garmin Mapsource

Some of the equipment required for GPS mapping services include:

  • High performance desktop computers
  • Trimble Mobile GIS mapping
  • Bluetooth and conventional GPS units
  • iPAQ Portable computers
  • Rugged RAM Mounts for mounting to 4WD vehicles, quad-bikes, boat, ARGO and walking

Technology is a powerful, valuable tool in our industry. We believe in using the best technological services for our projects. If you require any help with land management, from weed regulation to pest control or erosion, feel free to give our friendly team a call to discuss your needs on 0412 404 499.