Being in the business of helping landowners take charge of their land, we are often met with questions and concerns in regards to the animals. Feral cats, foxes and pigs actually cause a substantial amount of trouble, and they don’t just destroy land, they have an impact on natural flora and fauna too.

To better understand why vertebrate pest control is so important, it helps to know what the consequences are when it comes to pests. To highlight the issues, we’ll explain the impacts of wild pigs, cats and foxes.


 It is estimated that Australia is home to 24 million feral pigs, and that they collectively cause over $100 million in damages each year. Not only are farmers seed, grain, fruit and vegetable crops affected, the hogs can prey on lambs and carry disease, causing further economic impact.

Some of the environmental issues include:

  • Spreading weeds
  • Degrading waterholes and wetlands
  • Preying on native species (including small mammals)
  • Affecting marine turtle populations
  • Carrying diseases that affect native animals and even people


 According to Australian Geographic, more than 400 Australian wildlife species are being hunted by feral cats, and that number exceeds any other country in the world. They have already participated in the extinction of 16 mammals, with many others catastrophically on the decline.

Without a doubt, feral cats are a majorly invasive species in our country, even leading to the elimination of entire populations. They are carnivores by nature and hunt small mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish and insects. Whilst they can be helpful when feral rabbits are an issue, feral cat populations need to be controlled in order to save some of our beloved native Australian animals.


 Feral foxes cause a whopping annual damage bill of approximately $227 million. They are known to kill newborn lambs, poultry, baby goats and domestic pets, making them a real problem to farmers and residential land owners alike. They can also spread diseases.

Just like the feral cats, foxes have played a role in the decline of some native species, especially ground-nesting birds, small to medium mammals, reptiles and green turtles.

At Hunter Land Management, we specialise in vertebrate pest management. Our services are completed with modern equipment, and in consultation with Local Land Services and NPWS where applicable. We believe in safety above all else, and respect for the land and animal welfare. We use HogEye Trap Cameras, which allows us to set off a trap from any location following notifications that arrive to a smart phone. It’s easy, convenient and allows for humane capture of the pests. If you’d like to know more about HogEye Trap Cameras, or our other vertebrate pest management services, feel free to give the team at HLM a call on 0412 404 499.