Most landowners and farmers facing feral pig issues have systems in place to combat them. You’re probably really good at managing pigs with the methods you prefer, and that have proven effective over years and years. At Hunter Land Management, we want to help you dedicate more time to farming than protecting your land from pests. We want you to be able to focus on what you do best, and that’s why we partner with HogEye Cameras.

In Australia, the total damage costs attributed to feral pigs is a monstrous $106.5million every year. They can destroy land, crops, livestock pastures, native wildlife and farm equipment. They also carry around 45 different diseases and parasites such as; brucellosis, pseudorabies, and tularaemia- all of which can infect cattle, dogs, horses, sheep and goats. If you have land, crops, livestock, water or farm equipment currently being impacted by feral pigs, HogEye cameras are the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s time to reclaim your land and protect your investment with the use of the latest in trapping technology.

Do you know how much feral pigs are costing you personally? HogEye Cameras are a live-video system used to capture more feral pigs in one go, and this can be done from any location. HogEye Cameras can work on any trap. Using the mobile app, you have the ability to trap pests from anywhere, at any time of the day. They now come with a new 3G/4G directional antenna, increasing the signal and speed of your camera.

Animal welfare considerations are met more easily using HogEye Cameras. Whilst pigs and other pests must be eliminated to protect property and natural wildlife, they should still be treated humanely. Regular traps are required to be checked every 24 hours by law, but with video surveillance, you can spare the long trip out to an empty catch. Also, conventional traps can often ensnare sheep and other unintended victims, whereas HogEye will allow you to save them the fright and only snag the pests you’re after. You can literally monitor and set off your traps from the comfort of your own lounge room.

Are you getting frustrated with feral pigs wreaking havoc on your property? Take back your land before it’s too late. You can have the assistance of HogEye Cameras to get control before it’s too late. For more information, and to find out exactly how HogEye Cameras can help you, please call Hunter Land Management on 0412 404 499, or visit the HogEye Cameras Australia website.